AI tools and the future of digital agency work

August 8, 2023
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Jair Lucena
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Jair Lucena
AI tools and the future of digital agency work

Gone were those days when we watched Terminator and thought Artificial Intelligence was mere science fiction.

Computer science and AI technologies development has been rapid over the last years. Their innovative solutions aim to support humanity to make us more efficient, already impacting many industries and their processes.

Gone were those days when we watched Terminator and thought Artificial Intelligence was mere science fiction.

Computer science and AI technologies development has been rapid over the last years. Their innovative solutions aim to support humanity to make us more efficient, already impacting many industries and their processes.

The 21st-century tech revolution is here. We are all called to know more about the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence (including neural networks, speech recognition, computer vision, training data, natural language processing and unstructured data, among others) and how they will continue impacting our human brain, work and business dynamics, ways of thinking and behaving, and our social interactions.

Mark Cuban, the NBA Dallas Mavericks team owner, venture capitalist and American entrepreneur, said:

“Artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Because otherwise, you’re going to be a dinosaur within three years.”

And, of course, nobody wants to think like a dinosaur.

Since the beginning of time, adaptability has been the motor behind natural evolution. Species that fail to adapt to external circumstances are destined to perish. Our human species has mastered this art even in freezing conditions.

In the business world, the same principle applies. Learning how to best adapt to external circumstances, including the technology behind the term Artificial Intelligence, will help us grow and thrive as successful leaders, no matter what industry we are part of.

AI is here, and even if some people don’t like the idea, we must find ways to complement our jobs, using its latest prompts to enhance our creative processes, raise our work quality and become more efficient at delivering solutions.

As a remote digital agency that has foreseen the AI avalanche coming, we are working actively to integrate it into our processes. And we already know all the fantastic advantages it has brought to our work and internal dynamics.

This article intends to portray how Artificial Intelligence can complement and enhance remote agencies’ work to break paradigms, raise their creative level, and produce high-quality craft based on the market demands.

ChatGPT is presenting all new type of opportunities.

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AI tools and the future of digital agency work

AI tools and the future of digital agency work

Remote Work
August 8, 2023
AI tools and the future of digital agency work

Key advantages of using AI systems in your remote agency

1. AI increases efficiency:

It is the first benefit you discover when using tools like Chatbox or virtual assistants. Indeed, work processes become faster, and tasks are accomplished way quicker.

From helping us automate time-consuming tasks such as ad targeting and content creation to assisting us with direct ideas about how to proceed with our creative job, AI allows us to stop spending too much time on little things and focus on what matters most.  

A clear example of this advantage is this article, as ChatGPT created its outline. Our work was filling the gaps with highly-engaging content.

Indeed, time is precious.

2. AI enhances creativity:

These are exciting moments for artists and other creatives. The AI revolution is opening many possibilities that will also transform the way we express ourselves as human beings.  

AI inspires new ideas, personalises data, opens channels for collaboration between people, and offers fantastic art tools and new possibilities.

3. AI promotes better decision-making:

It might sound rather obvious, but making the right choices is easier when we know all the facts. AI helps us analyse a situation’s possible outcomes and provide all the data necessary to make the right decisions.

As ChatGPT states,

“One of the key advantages of AI in decision-making is its ability to process information in real time. With the massive amounts of data generated by individuals and organisations today, it can be difficult for humans to keep up and make timely decisions.”

This Chatbox also mentions that AI helps us make decisions based on facts rather than human emotions.

4. AI saves us money:

As startup founders, we must think about money the whole time. Our entire team depends on it and our future as business leaders.

AI helps us reduce costs by simplifying processes while providing valuable information we need to accomplish them thoroughly. It also allows us to redirect that investment toward other areas of our company, highly-relevant to our business growth.

At Lento we are a big fan of ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

Essential AI tools for remote agencies

1. Project management tools:

Platforms such as Trello, ClickUp, or Asana currently include AI features in their services.

They aim to help teams manage projects efficiently by automating many repetitive tasks, training data and allowing your team to communicate, share files, and track progress in real-time.

2. Social media analytics tools:

AI-powered social media tools help agencies understand their users’ behaviour, preferences, and trends and create more targeted and engaging content, increase engagement rates, and drive more traffic to their client’s websites.

Publer, Ocoya or Hootsuite Insights are integrating AI technology into their services. They enable you to create and schedule content quickly and unify your social media efforts, among other practical solutions. 

3. Content creation tools:

AI-powered content significantly contributes to agencies and companies by quickly and efficiently creating high-quality content.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is one of the most renowned AI language models and ChatBoxes online. Its quick success, as well as the high demands from the public, encourage them to develop a newer version: ChatGPT4.

According to OpenAI, this next-generation language model is more advanced in three key areas: creativity, visual input, and longer context.

Apart from this famous AI language model, other useful tools are available to produce outstanding content. Jasper, a copywriting expert assistant; Copy AI, a strong content generator, Wordtune, a professional writing assistant; and Grammarly, a grammar editor, are among such tools that speed up your writing process and help you acquire the right words to express what you may.

4. Best AI tools for SEO:

Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must-go when creating your online content. Surfer SEO is an Ai application that helps you maximize your organic traffic by optimizing your content in a simple way. is also an excellent tool that helps you create briefs in minutes, optimize your content automatically and offer different alternatives that help you rank better. 

5. AI tools for image creation:

In the daily life of a digital agency, there are moments when we need a specific message, image, or design for a compelling storyboard but can’t obtain the right resources to execute it.

In our case, the following AI-powered apps have helped us loads to build our storyboards quickly and easily.

Discord is a social community app where you can connect with other people’s ideas and find inspiration - this is incredible to use with Midjourney, while Dall-e-2 and Fotor help you generate realistic images based on written descriptions.

6. Best AI tools for video & editing:

Whilst we have a full video production team, we recognise that not every agency has this luxury. We also employ valuable AI tools to create engaging video content and edition. For instance, Otter.Ai is incredible for transcriptions, making them accessible and straightforward. Vocal Remover helps you separate voice from music in free songs through a powerful AI algorithm, and Soundful aims to give you access to royalty-free background music for your videos, streams, podcasts, and more.

Our team recently had a play around with AI art on Midjourney. Source: Lento Agency

How to implement AI efficiently in your agency

1. Observe your agency’s inner processes:

The first step is to carefully consider every area of your company and identify the services where AI can be most beneficial.

AI can help you through the automation of repetitive tasks, provide you with valuable insights, and improve overall efficiency.

Project management, social media analytics, and content creation are among the most common areas where AI is starting to play a significant role for agencies worldwide.

2. Choose the right AI tools for your needs:

Plenty of AI tools can help you improve your agency’s overall performance. Still, first, it’s necessary to look deeply at how they can adapt to your current internal processes.

Knowing every detail about each tool, performance, and efficiency will determine if they can support your agency to raise your service’s quality or complicate the processes. Take your time to examine and see if they fit you well.

3. Train your team:

Providing training materials, conducting workshops, and working with external trainers or consultants, are great ways to help your team incorporate AI tools into their job dynamics.

In the beginning, you might face some resistance on their part. Still, such reactions fade when you can effectively communicate how those AI tools aim to help them do their work better and promote the agency’s evolution.

4. Integrate AI tools into your existing workflows:

This step might involve creating or modifying current processes to adapt AI tools to your agency´s dynamics and ensure they are correctly used. Constant tests and feedback are essential.

5. Monitor and evaluate the impact of AI on your agency:

Finally, monitoring and evaluating the impact of AI on your agency is paramount. You can start by tracking performance metrics such as productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction and collect valuable feedback from your team.

Artificial intelligence is becoming an important tool across all industries.

AI: Amazing technology when used correctly

Perhaps one of the most interesting effects that the Terminator Franchise caused in the late 80s was to open the discussion about the responsible development of AI research and policies so that machines are designed to serve humanity's best interests. Now that AI is an undeniable reality, we are all responsible individually and collectively for their proper use.

Astronomer Carl Sagan once said about society and technology: “We have arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later, this combustible mixture of ignorance and power will blow up in our faces.”

Indeed, technology can be both misguiding and highly beneficial, depending on how we view it and what direction we give it.

We hope that our personal and collective human intelligence and sense of responsibility help us consciously manage such a powerful technology.  Human intervention is vital to direct weak AI systems.

Our call now is to use technology to do better, to take care of our planet and ourselves, and to create powerful ideas that shape the future, taking us to the next level in human consciousness.

Creatives worldwide are called to step in, learn how to use AI with purpose and inspire others through their craft.

At Lento, we are already taking our best shot.

Jair Lucena

Jair Lucena

Jair is a traveler, writer, and yoga-meditation teacher-practitioner. Who loves to explore different lands, cultures, and ways of being. Connect with him on Linkedin

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