Digital agency v freelancer: The pros and cons

February 13, 2023
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Jair Lucena
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Jair Lucena
Digital agency v freelancer: The pros and cons

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Digital agency v freelancer: The pros and cons

Digital agency v freelancer: The pros and cons

February 13, 2023
Digital agency v freelancer: The pros and cons

There is no doubt that 2020 transformed the world's social, political, and economic dynamics dramatically. It also revolutionised the way we do business.

During these remote-working times, the need for online, eclectic, digital marketing problem-solvers opened the way to new alternatives to the classical advertising digital agencies.

Platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr opened a window for highly-skilled professionals worldwide to connect with small businesses and help them develop clear and safe negotiations.

However, there are still significant advantages of hiring an ad-digital agency, even with all the new options available on the market.

Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer versus a digital agency.



1. Cheap cost

No matter if your company is located in United States, Australia or Spain New South Wales, cheap cost is a major decision maker, and freelancers offer an attractive advantage in this sense.

Not having to invest massive amounts of money into technology assets, pay rent for an on-site space or social security for their employees makes it an exciting way to go when your budget is limited.

2. Faster delivery

Deadlines are easier to clear when working with a graphic designer freelancer. The fact that you only deal with a single person allows you to set the best time frame for the project's delivery based on your business needs and their work schedule.

Most of the time, you will enjoy much faster services from a digital freelancer rather than a digital agency.     

3. Direct communication

Without the unnecessary middlemen and bureaucratic delays, when hiring a freelancer, you are assured to maintain a direct dialogue with the person working on your project.

As usual, clear communication is vital to having a successful relationship with freelancers.


1.  Reliability

Truth is: You never know what kind of freelancer you will get in the market. With thousands of options available, there is always a risk of employing the wrong person for the job. 

Don't get us wrong. There are good ones out there, but there are also some rogues. So, if you find a reliable, creative and responsible freelancer, better keep them inspired and excited about your projects.

2. No supervisor

When building a working relationship with a freelancer, you need to trust, sometimes blindly, that they are honest and self-disciplined. 

Freelancers usually have no one supervising their work quality or monitoring the amount of time they spend on your project daily.

Therefore, for long projects we advise you to hire a freelancer who has shown work ethics from the very beginning so that you do not get unexpected surprises along the way.

Digital Agencies


1. Experience

When hiring a digital agency in the United States of Australia, you are guaranteed to count on a whole group of professionals with plenty of experience in their fields.

No matter if it is a website design project or a google ads strategy, working with a digital agency allows you to relax in your seat, knowing that your project is in professional hands.

Brand research, target group strategy, branding solutions, and digital website design based on your customers' experience are some of the services that many digital agencies are able to showcase through their case studies.

2. Diversity

There is something about having different perspectives working together that converts ideas into successful strategies and solutions.

When working with digital design and digital marketing agencies, you have access to a diverse team and a co-creative collaboration that allows magic ideas to happen


1. High-cost

Buying professional expertise is pricey. Usually, digital agencies have a whole structure that needs to be maintained and taken care of, so their fees are higher to freelancers depending on their size, case studies and experience.

2. Slow response time

Most agencies have multiple clients, each with unique challenges and workloads, so it may take digital agencies longer to understand your brand needs and deliver a creative solution compared to when you hire a freelancer.

Why not both together?

As we mentioned before, 2020 changed paradigms for the business world, especially related to digital and social media marketing, and also opened a new pathway for symbiotic remote agencies that combine the best of both worlds: the direct, creative, and low-cost qualities of the freelancer; with the professional, knowledgeable and reliable attributes of the digital agency.

Lento is one of these new generation of digital agencies.

We are here to confirm that digital marketing agencies and freelancers, more than fighting one another for clients, can actively work together and collaborate to create new forms of digital creativity for your target audience.

We contribute to you by building successful businesses, transforming digital ideas into future sales, and, at the same time, creating inspiring culture.

Jair Lucena

Jair Lucena

Jair is a traveler, writer, and yoga-meditation teacher-practitioner. Who loves to explore different lands, cultures, and ways of being. Connect with him on Linkedin

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