Social impact statement

We care about the world and we are sure that you do too. None of us want to leave a mess behind for the next generation to take care of it. We are trying to take full responsibility for our daily actions and contribute to making a positive impact in terms of the environment, society, and culture.

One of the reasons we contribute to Lento is the immense possibility that lies at helping brands to become more conscious at every level, as we know that the more conscious a company is the more conscious its audience becomes.

Through our passion for creativity and our daily contribution to brands, we are supporting social and environmental causes that will bring hope, offer new possibilities to those who didn’t have them before, and unify efforts toward a better present and future for all.

In simpler words, by working with us you are already helping others.



We are committed to doing our part in tackling some of the world's most pressing environmental and humanitarian challenges.

Current Initiatives

Clean footprints for our team.

Our remote team members have been made 100% carbon neutral through Nul. We are contributing to restoring forests in Zambia, and protecting the Khasi Hills in India and the rainforests in Vanuatu.

1% of our annual profit donated towards The Life You Can Save.

The Life You Can Save rigorously evaluates charities from around the world to measure their effectiveness and recommend charities that will make the biggest impact per dollar. 100% of our donations will be divided equally among all of their best charities. The Life You Can Save does not charge any fee or receive any monetary benefit from that transaction. Check out the amazing charities that they support.


We continue the development of recycled, sustainable, and other environmentally friendly products and packaging for clients
We seek and partner with one non-profit per year to deliver branding and/or website projects at a discounted price.
We promote internship programs with designers, marketers, and brand strategists from developing nations.
Cherry on top logo

Cherry on top:our Wellness Program for Mental Health.

Social causes are not the only area of society we want to contribute to. Nowadays, mental health is also a major problem, especially after the COVID-19 corruption. Stressful living conditions, isolation, uncertainty, and the frantic use of technology, among other factors, have increased the number of people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or somatic stress.  

At Lento, we are excited to announce that we are currently working on a project which will help our clients and their teams to find inner balance and self-awareness. Our wellness program, which we are running internally at the moment, combines meditative and yogic practices from ancient and modern traditions to help us take care of our brains, bodies, and spirits.

Our wellness program for mental health will be launched officially in 2023.