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Neldner Road

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Introduction to the brand

Dave Powell, one of the world’s most influential winemakers, has made some of the best wines of his career under his new label Neldner Road. His is the first winery in the world to offer en primeur access to the 2021 vintage via NFT.

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Our Challenge

With a new name and the challenges of a trade export ban from China, 
Neldner Road’s goal was to take their presence in the wine industry to the next level by attracting a new audience for their wine by way of a rare and exclusive opportunity to own a vintage from their 2021 single vineyard wines.

Our brief was to deliver a slight brand refresh, a custom website to tell their story, video editing for social media and to design 3D NFT artwork to promote their physical barrels of wine.

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Our Approach

Our work with Neldner Road began with an in-depth discovery session to learn more about their winemaking process, the industry in general and what is involved by selling wine via NFT.

We realised it was important to acknowledge the heritage and curated approach to wine making by Neldner Road; to recognise a timeline of changes within the industry using new world technology, and content messaging that this will eventually alter how premium wines are purchased for life’s most important celebrations.

With this at the forefront of our design process, two separate buyer personas were created – the traditional wine cellar collector and the NFT enthusiast.

We found through research that both share similarities in their motivation for purchasing wine: to own something unique and be part of history.

Our stylescapes and wireframes helped guide us to explore a wide range of options that quickly identified key campaign elements ranging from brand colour to typography.

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Dave Powell, Founder

“I feel like I'm more of an artist with wine. I'm actually sculpting the wine rather than actually just making a beverage.”

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The Results

Determining the specifics for visual identity, the concept of traditional vs. the new world became a constant thread. We knew the right colour palette would forge a visual connection for the customer and after extensive work by our designers, two main colours were chosen: black and red typography in a traditional layout combined with a balance of whitespace and content.

The Neldner Road website was designed to give a feeling of flipping through a high-end luxury magazine, using a typeface combination of serif and sans serif fonts that resulted in a balance of both traditional and innovative concepts.

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A large variety of visual content and long form content was provided to us by Neldner Road. We created an unconventional horizontal scrolling website to inject novel movement and breaks in the content so that instead of navigating through the website on autopilot, the user’s attention would remain focussed on the content.

Dave Powell’s story was brought to life in chapters giving details of how old traditions became new beginnings, incorporating interactive videos and seamless connectivity to enhance the user’s experience.  We adapted the website for mobile phone use with vertical scrolling and all videos across the campaign were edited with the same colour grade for consistency in a variety of formats for social media.

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