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Introduction to the brand

CBDmore stands as a premium CBD company committed to delivering full-spectrum, high-quality, and naturally crafted CBD and plant-based solutions across beauty care and wellness products for both humans and pets.

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Our Challenge

When CBDnMore approached us, their vision was crystal clear. They sought to create a digital storefront that not only provides existing and potential consumers with easy access to their diverse product range but also elevates their brand with a touch of elegance and finesse.

Beyond this, their aspiration was to evolve into a digital hub, not just for their products but also for other industry brands.

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Our Approach

Crafting the perfect brand positioning began with an in-depth exploration of the brand's products, target audience, and the CBD industry. Rapidly, it became apparent that CBDnMore transcends the conventional CBD beauty care label.

From bath salts to CBD-infused gummies promoting restful sleep, their 100% organic premium offerings contribute to a holistic wellness routine that nurtures both body and mind. This holistic approach was a key insight driving not only the new website but also the refreshed brand visual identity and messaging.

Organised under three CBDnMore pillars: Rest, Revive, and Thrive, we meticulously curated a specific colour palette, font selection, customised icons, overall design style, and imagery that encapsulates a natural environment and evokes feelings of well-being. This approach facilitated a minimalist, elegant, and warm visual experience, setting CBDnMore apart from the pharmaceutical aesthetic of other CBD industry companies.

The new website wasn't just about streamlined e-commerce and adaptability across digital devices; it integrated warm, clear, and approachable content and messaging. Product descriptions, instructions, and educational resources on CBD benefits were designed to empower users with a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of CBD.

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CBDnMORE is paving the way to help people with natural solutions that really work.

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The Results

CBDnMore's new website and visual journey present a light, minimalist, and seamlessly integrated online shopping experience. The design and content instill confidence in buyers, emphasising transparency and trust. Following meticulous contrast and accessibility testing, we curated a unique visual identity and web design that genuinely mirrors the brand's core, successfully positioning CBDnMORE within the market.

The brand impact was profound on its audience allowing CBDnMore to establish itself as a holistic brand dedicated to helping users find well-being in their daily routines.

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The brand launch has been pivotal in defining CBDnMore's footprint in the wellness landscape, successfully attracting a broad audience and fostering strong relationships with both new and existing customers.

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