Mia's Homes

Mia's Homes

Web Design & Development

Introduction to the brand

Mia’s Homes Family Foster Agency is a non-profit organisation in California dedicated to bringing together foster parents and foster children, including those with challenging placements.

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Our Challenge

When Mia’s Homes Family Foster Agency approached our agency for design collaboration, they wanted to refresh their brand identity and improve their online presence. The NGO required a design that effectively conveys its warm, caring, and inclusive message while making it playful, interactive and still aligned with its latest brand features.

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Our Approach

Based on Mia’s Homes’ needs, we started this project by focusing our energy on three key aspects: colour palette, typography, and web design.

1. Colour Palette:

Mia’s Homes love pink, so we aimed to create a new colour palette that would complement their desired tone while evoking a sense of warmth and comfort. We carefully selected colours that mixed the foster home’s welcoming atmosphere with the children’s excitement.

2. Typography:

For the web typography, we chose the Kumbh Sans font. This font balances professionalism and a touch of playfulness, representing children’s essence. Such a font also offers a clean, readable look while reinforcing the brand’s visual impact.

3. Web Design:

In redesigning Mia’s Homes’ website, we focused on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. We developed a complete design for the website’s content and pages, incorporating illustrations, animations, and graphic elements such as lines, icons, and geometric shapes. All these elements were hand-crafted, designed and animated to make the website original, playful and inviting. 

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David Ogden Stiers

"Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

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The Results

Our collaboration with Mia’s Homes Family Foster Agency was enriching for everyone. It resulted in successfully transforming their brand identity and online presence. The new palette, with pink as the primary colour, provided a familiar and comforting visual element while introducing complementary colours that added excitement and vibrancy. The Kumbh Sans font, with its professional yet playful style, brought a unique character to the web typography, resonating with both foster parents and children.

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The redesigned website is now an engaging, user-friendly, and informative platform for Mia’s Homes. Its illustrations, animations, and carefully crafted graphic elements elevated the user experience while communicating the organisation’s mission and creating an emotional connection with visitors.

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