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Introduction to the brand

Yuma Energy is an Australian based solar energy provider for residential and commercial properties across Australia. They focus on selling the best solar panels, installing them in the most effective way to reduce bills and provide industry leading after-sales customer support.

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Our Challenge

Australia has the highest uptake of solar energy in the world with favourable government rebates that have allowed many to take advantage of solar installation. Unfortunately this has also meant that the industry has been plagued by an increased number of cheap operators using a variety of tricks and scams  that have created a sense of distrust with consumers.

Yuma Energy was founded in 2015 by two electricians passionate about green and renewable energy seeking to disrupt the solar industry. It has recently pivoted to expand the business and increase its capacity for direct solar sales to coexist alongside its installation arm for residential and commercial solar.  They came to us to create a brand that matched their future plans that included  a new digital strategy to cut through the clutter and grow their revenue from online sources.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

In our discovery and research phase we first held a brand workshop with the Yuma Energy team to  assist in visualizing their aspirations of what the  brand should look and feel like.

We then interviewed several current and potential solar customers to understand their needs and pain points. An audit was also done of Yuma Energy’s existing service to identify ways to improve the customer experience.

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Thanks to Lento's exceptional rebranding and custom website development services, our company now possesses a robust and unforgettable brand identity, as well as an impressive online presence. We have already begun receiving positive feedback from our customers, accompanied by a notable increase in inquiries.

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The Results

Based on our discovery and research, we created a brand strategy on how to best embody Yuma Energy’s brand attributes and build a  roadmap to position them as market leaders. We identified an opportunity for Yuma Energy to become educators in the industry, with a conscious commitment to protect the environment by providing a service to ensure future generations can enjoy the benefits from renewable technology.

We took inspiration from their business concepts and handcrafted a simply styled logo design clearly communicated the graphic elements that could be used in illustrations, patterns, and graphic resources to create a memorable brand.

To complement the logo, we chose a subtle variation of Yuma's native Australia's national colour palette of green and yellow to add a sense of belonging to the entire brand identity.  To complete the visual identity, we selected Mulish, a strong, versatile and minimalist sans-serif font that made it the ideal choice for both web and mobile interfaces.

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Whilst the logo is an instantly recognizable symbol of the brand, the supporting visual language (and messaging) was critical in expressing consistency, functionality, and dynamism. Custom patterns and illustrations were  created to help promote the uniqueness of Yuma Energy whilst highlighting the differences in a saturated market.

After a comprehensive overhaul of the brand strategy, we have moved on to  rebuild the website and fine-tune the marketing approach. Once achieved, Yuma Energy will be in a strong position to build on its platform of attracting  customers seeking a quality product that supports both the environment and the broader community with outstanding service.

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