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Introduction to the brand

EcoGaia is a global company committed to transforming carbon emissions into sustainable solutions.

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Our Challenge

Amidst the world's ecological challenges, EcoGaia emerges as a key ally empowering corporations, companies, and communities worldwide to become part of the green revolution, actively contributing to preserving our world for future generations.

EcoGaia approached us with a clear aspiration to effectively communicate their mission to transform carbon emissions challenges into sustainable solutions through a renewed website, visual identity, and digital presence.

Numerous meetings were held to gain profound insights into their aspirations, ensuring our strategy aligns entirely with their core brand essence and future digital actions.

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Our Approach

Inspired by their highest vision, "The awakening of human consciousness about the care of Gaia: The Earth," we began by delving into the existing brand concept, creating a modern look and feel deeply rooted in EcoGaia's core message.

Environmental preservation, social responsibility, clean economic production, and the awakening of human consciousness towards the Earth's wellbeing served as the foundations of the new visual identity exemplified in the brand’s deck and website.

1. Brand Essence:

We employed green and blue to convey a clean, natural, and environmentally friendly image with a touch of technology. Orange helped draw attention to specific elements without generating visual noise.

2. Visual and UX Simplicity:

Through the use of large and powerful images, we drew attention and evoked environmental awareness. We also leveraged UX best practices, incorporating carousels, horizontal scrollings, pop-ups, and dropdowns to simplify complex content effectively.

3. Navigation and Storytelling:

We designed a simple navigation menu for the landing page, dividing it into separate sections with a convenient tool for users to navigate seamlessly.

4. Showcasing Services:

We utilised content-changing cards with horizontal scrolling to highlight the diversity of Eco2Gaia's services without overwhelming visitors. Quotes were incorporated between sections to punctuate and set the tone for the website.

5. Mobile-First Approach:

A seamless user experience across all devices was achieved by adopting a mobile-first design philosophy.

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Nicolas Ciarfaglia, Co-Founder - EcoGaia.

“Incredible agency! Thank you very much to the team for your professionalism. Your ability to perfectly capture and execute the essence of our brief was nothing short of remarkable. ”

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The Results

The impact of our collaboration with EcoGaia was transformative for all parties involved. Their audience was captivated by the new visual identity, resonating deeply with the brand's ethos. The restructured deck became a valuable tool that simplifies complex information and enhances communication with actual and potential clients.

The resulting website successfully encapsulates Eco2Gaia's mission, blending captivating visuals, intuitive navigation, and a thoughtful color palette to convey a powerful environmental message, ensuring a positive user experience across devices.

EcoGaia's digital presence now serves as a testament to their commitment, effectively bridging the gap between complex environmental initiatives and a visually engaging, user-friendly interface.

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Working with EcoGaia made us reflect on and understand our impact as an agency on the environment. It made us recognize the power of our contributions and strategies to improve our planet’s present state. This process was not just about creating a visually appealing web design for a company but realising the immense responsibility that lies behind what we do.

With this in mind, we applied sustainable design strategies to their web, including the application of light backgrounds vs. black backgrounds, video development on energy consumption, and proficient management of information accessible to our target audience.

EcoGaia’s project left us with incredible insights and helped us continue refining our processes to be more and more aligned with our planet’s best interests.

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