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Introduction to the brand

The Continuum Partners is a leading Australian PR Agency that specialises in the growth of finance and fintech companies with a proven track record of delivering sophisticated, targeted programs that cut through industry noise to deliver real business results.

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Our Challenge

The Continuum Partners is well-established with a broad range of clients from around the world. They sought our expertise to develop a new custom website that would deliver a slick user experience to better showcase their capabilities, further enhance their credibility and better reach their online marketing goals.

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Our Approach

The Continuum Partners stands out amongst its competitors as leaders in PR and marketing for the financial services industry. They are pioneers as a cloud-based agency, employing only the best talent giving a full end-to-end service for their clients.

Although the original scope was to upgrade and enhance their current website, it became obvious that to achieve the required results, visual identity adjustments were necessary.  

They had a  well established reputation with an existing logo and rather than make any changes we worked with them to update their visual identity to better reflect their positioning and values. We identified their brand attributes, explored toning back their colour palette slightly and changing their system typeface. These changes still reflected the power and authority of the brand, but made it more approachable and attractive for new clients.

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“Lento were super easy to work with and delivered me a beautiful, high-quality website really fast. Geography was no barrier at all - they could have been in the next room they're so responsive.”

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The Results

We worked with The Continuum Partners, taking time to understand their business objectives to improve identity and communicate the quality and professionalism of their offered services.

With no changes required to their logo, we instead worked on a colour scheme that better represented their business and core values. We did this by decreasing the saturation of the gold hue back to yellow, then introduced blue with the end result being a clean and contrasting colour palette of sandy cream, blue and white.

For a smooth user experience, the system typeface was changed to Freight Display Pro and Forma DJR Micro which blended seamlessly into the product interface.

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The Continuum Partners Website Page
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We incorporated the new visual identity into the website and custom patterns were designed to help capture the originality of the brand. We also saw an opportunity to animate these patterns with the addition of an interactive pointer to the website.  

A key element of the design brief was to not only deliver more visitors to the website, but convert more traffic into potential clients. We achieved this by drawing attention to the company’s credentials and capabilities through the use of strong typography, case studies, high quality images and ensuring that the CTA’s stood out.

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